Ever wondered What You Would Do if you faced a Life and Death Situation while you were Carrying concealed?

There are a lot of opinionated people that are strong in their beliefs until something happens that changes their life instantly!

  • Learn to Live in Peace with your Piece
  • Stay updated on WI CC issues
  • Learn of FREE CC Licensing Classes in SE Wisconsin
  • Know Your Rights and Master Your Emotions
  • Be Proactive and NOT Reactive
  • Stay informed about the Legal ramifications
  • Learn how to talk to business owners about the positives of OC & CC
  • Stay up to date on the fight to not lose out 2nd Amendment rights

Learn from Real People, Everyday Ordinary Citizens that have awaken the spirit of personal responsibility and freedom that this country was founded upon!


*Media contact – please email media@ccwadvocates.com for inquiries

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